Customer Stories: HiMed


Our Customer

HiMed Solutions SAS provides an easy-to-use, secure and agile online medical records system that reduces administrative work for doctors and administrators, allowing them to dedicate more time to caring for their patients.

The Obstacles They Faced

As more and more healthcare providers saw the value in online clinical information management, HiMed saw 50% year-over-year growth. To stay performant, HiMed knew it would need to migrate its on-premises data infrastructure to the cloud.

What We Achieved Together

Over the course of 30 hours, Rackspace Technology moved HiMed to a more performant, secure and agile cloud infrastructure that serves the needs of healthcare providers while preparing HiMed for future growth.

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How We Helped


Managed Private Cloud, Professional Services, Security


Rackspace Security Essentials, VMware

“Rackspace Technology has been a great business ally for our company. They not only provided us with a comprehensive solution for our needs, but made us feel like they had our best interests at heart.”

Jorge Iván Ramirez
Technology Advisor
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