Rackspace Technology Celebrates Black History Month

by PJ Lovejoy, Senior Manager, Racker Experience & HR Communications, Rackspace Technology

Celebrating Black History Month


As a global technology services company headquartered in the U.S., Rackspace Technology® is proud to recognize our employees (called Rackers) around the globe — especially during Black History Month.

Nearly 10 years ago, Rackspace Technology launched RISERackspace for Inclusive Support and Empowerment to Elevate Rackers of African and Black Cultures. Mike Ross, a manager in cloud operations, is proud to serve as the current president of RISE.  

Mike said, “Leading RISE has offered me a unique experience and the opportunity to step away from my day-to-day responsibilities and give back to the Racker community, all while making Rackspace Technology a more inclusive, best place to work.”

During several weeks of celebrating, Mike led the Rackspace Technology delegation to participate in San Antonio’s Martin Luther King, Jr., March — one of the nation’s largest.

The group's marquee Black History Month event was presented in partnership with the Rack Gives Back program. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Rackspace Technology hosted In Full Color, an award-winning organization that empowers women of color and other Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) through education and the arts. The session featured original works by and a talkback with choreographer and director Stephen Shynes, poet and artist Shana T. Melton, and Emmy-award winning actor and writer Suzen Baraka.

“This experience was powerful,” said Lindsey Stich, program manager for Rack Gives Back and the company’s employee resource groups. “I’m better equipped to be an ally after experiencing the words and performances of these artists. Everyone deserves to be seen and have their stories heard.” 

It’s this type of allyship that we’re working to tap into at Rackspace Technology. The company’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy added the concept of Belonging in 2022. It aims to cultivate a culture where all Rackers experience a sense of belonging and feel comfortable bringing their true selves and best ideas to the workplace every day.  

“We recognize that inclusive collaboration is the real power behind innovation and delivering the future,” said Kelly Butler, Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of Global HR Services. “And that comes from actively seeking out and listening to the voices of talented Rackers around the world.”  

And talented Rackers don’t come in short supply at Rackspace Technology. “I’ve been a Racker for 10 years. The thing that keeps me here is the opportunity to do great work with even greater people,” Mike said.

“For the past two years, I’ve been able to bring another part of my identity into my work. It’s been amazing to see other Rackers rally in support to bring some of this vision to life.”  

In addition to hosting a performance by In Full Color, Rackspace Technology will make a corporate donation to support the group’s mission to provide women of color and other POC of marginalized genders the opportunity to see themselves authentically represented or to tell their story in their own voice. Rackers around the world were also invited to support the mission by making a financial donation via the company’s online giving platform.  

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