Rackspace Private Cloud: Save Money, Go Faster

By Christian Foster -

Rackspace Private Cloud: Save Money, Go Faster

Change can be difficult — and nowhere more so than in deeply-entrenched IT processes and systems. Whatever you’re changing to has to be better than the status quo. In IT, that typically means lowering costs while increasing speed and productivity.

You have to prove the return on investment. Rackspace understands that, and we can work with you to make it happen.

But don’t take our word for it. It’s understandable to be skeptical about deploying an advanced new infrastructure platform unless the benefits are clearly defined. That’s why we engaged Fidelio Consulting to interview seven of our customers and find out exactly why they find value in Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud.

The survey found our customers realized value in three main ways: saving money, increasing productivity and sharpening the strategic focus of the organization as a whole.

Cost savings

Consuming private cloud as-a-service from Rackspace not only eliminates the need to find, hire and train expensive cloud operations resources – it saves you money.

“This was a huge factor in picking Rackspace, especially on the private cloud side,” one customer told Fidelio. “You’d have to hire someone with certain certifications for us, which costs about $150,000 a year. We don’t touch our hardware on a regular basis, and we’ve been super happy with the Rackspace OpenStack team.”

In fact, customers who use Rackspace to operate their private cloud save an average of $258,000 annually per 20 servers in internal operating costs. And some of our largest customers have saved up to 60 percent in platform costs when compared against their legacy systems.

Speed to market

Speed is also important, and we can help you there too. On average, our customers shortened their time to deploy a virtual machine by 40 percent — with one customer shortening their time by 80 percent.

How you choose to use that time savings is up to you. Some choose to invest their savings into better products and services. Others use the efficiency to move faster. Our customers tell us their staffs are between 10 and 15 percent more efficient when using Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud. That means IT teams can better support development teams, which increases collective efficiency and speeds up service delivery — acceleration all around.

Cloud operations and Fanatical Support

We can tout technical benefits all day long, but the truth is, operating a private cloud is difficult. But by consuming private cloud as-a-service, and allowing Rackspace’s experts to monitor, patch, secure, scale and upgrade your cloud, you can stay focused on your core business.

We’ve helped customers of all sizes across a variety of industries succeed with OpenStack private clouds. What can Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud do for you?

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