Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare team up on managed edge security solution

Lisa Heritage McLin

Rackspace Technology plus Cloudflare equal security

Forty-two percent of security breaches occur at the application level — and these breaches are only getting larger and more expensive. The average U.S. breach costs organizations millions, including time and resources spent on mitigation and recovering from customer turnover.


Navigating today’s rapidly evolving security landscape

On average, it takes an organization 206 days to detect a breach. That’s nearly 6.5 months of harm that can take years to recover from. It’s no wonder why security is increasingly a top-line priority for organizations wanting to reduce the business risks of an incident and preserve their hard-earned customer trust. However, knowing where to start with securing your IT environment is frequently as challenging as implementing the security measures. We often hear from customers that hardware solutions are too expensive and don’t fit today’s cloud model. There’s a demand for solutions that will integrate seamlessly wherever applications and data are located.

Customers also ask how to ensure the end-user experience is optimized and secure. It can be challenging to implement effective security measures to maintain PCI compliance in websites and applications without sacrificing the overall site performance and experience. On top of all of this, IT modernization timelines are only accelerating in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and new security threats are emerging seemingly daily.


How Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare can help

The common thread among these challenges is the need for expert cloud security support to help businesses reduce their risk and provide users with an optimal web and mobile application experience. That’s why we are enhancing our ongoing partnership with Cloudflare® to provide a new Edge Security solution combined with Rackspace expert support, for an enterprise-class security service businesses can rely on.

This new enterprise-class Cloudflare Edge Security solution includes a web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, DNS services and a global content delivery network (CDN) — all backed by 24x7x365 support from our certified security experts. We will help get your Cloudflare services up and running, in addition to ongoing support to assist with fine-tuning or environment changes around-the-clock. We also offer expert consultative services to help with custom deployments of advanced policies and features, including bot or SSL management, load balancing, rate limiting, analytics and more.  

Some of the benefits of Cloudflare Edge Security with Rackspace Technology expert support include:

  • Protecting web apps against security threats, like bots, DDoS, attackers and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 threats in real-time.
  • A consultative approach to address PCI requirements and a best-in-class PCI certified web application firewall, enabling customers to fulfill PCI-DSS requirement 6.6.
  • Improvements to web and mobile site delivery and reliability. This solution reduces latency and allows customers to optimize site performance with CDN and DNS services for dynamic content acceleration, static content caching, image optimization and mobile delivery.
  • Blocking malicious traffic before it reaches a web application, resulting in lower web server utilization costs and reduced bandwidth consumption.
  • Real-time analysis through high-level dashboards based on constant robust logging and reporting, surveying the overall threat landscape for your organization and offering actionable security insights.
  • No hardware or software required, making cloud deployments manageable and straightforward with easily configurable security rules and policies.


An evolution of Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare’s partnership

Here at Rackspace Technology, we’re continuing to focus on how we can better support our customers’ multicloud journeys by providing comprehensive solutions across the entire technology transformation lifecycle. Our expanded strategic partnership with Cloudflare will give our customers additional security and compliance services to further the adoption of multicloud solutions.

Since 2017, Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare have worked together as resellers to provide our customers best-in-breed global security solutions. As our strategic partnership has evolved, we’ve identified a customer demand for managed edge security services backed by our always-on, expert support. This demand is driven by more business being conducted online. The strategic partnership between Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare focuses on ensuring customers’ growing online presence is secured and optimized.

Cloudflare is known for its vast network scale, integrated security, performance and reliability solutions, with easy, unified control and multicloud functionality. With expert support from Rackspace Technology, customers can unlock even more value and add-on functionality from Cloudflare’s technology.

Learn more about how Cloudflare Edge Security with Rackspace Technology expert support can help address the unique security outcomes your business requires, all backed around-the-clock by our certified security experts.

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