Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month as a Best Place to Work for Latinas in the U.S.

by PJ Lovejoy, Senior Manager, Racker Experience & HR Communications, Rackspace Technology

Hispanic Heritage Month


For the seventh year running, LATINA Style magazine has named Rackspace Technology® as one of the top 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work for in the United States. The annual award recognizes companies that support programs that encourage training, retention, and promote Latinas within their organizations.

"Selecting the 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work for in the United States is not an easy task," said Robert E. Bard, President and CEO of LATINA Style, Inc. "Great efforts are taken to ensure that Latinas can truly find the best places to nurture their careers. Our goal is to provide the most accurate picture of what corporate America has to offer."

The LATINA Style recognition was announced at the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which celebrates the cultures, contributions, and histories of U.S. citizens of Hispanic or Latinx ancestry. The month-long celebration runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15.

At Rackspace Technology, we believe that all Rackers are valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission. As such, we invite Rackers all around the world to mark the month. Our celebrations kicked off with our Hispanic and Latinx employee resource group, which hosted an Independence Day celebration for Rackers in our Mexico City office.

Viva! Racker Resource Group (RRG)

One of the ways we advance diversity, inclusion, and belonging is through our employee resource groups, which we call Racker Resource Groups. These groups provide members and leaders with valuable opportunities to grow networks, engage in mentorship, provide support for each other, and practice leadership in a safe setting. RRGs provide diversity education, professional development, networking, support, and a place for belonging.

Viva, an RRG committed to celebrating and promoting Latinx cultures, was organized by employees with the mission to develop, inspire, and motivate its members while celebrating and promoting awareness of the Latinx culture in the community and at Rackspace Technology.

RaChelle Streetman, Director of Global Talent Development and Head of Rackspace University, also serves as the executive sponsor of Viva.

"With our global headquarters in San Antonio, Texas — a city where nearly 65% of residents identify as Hispanic or Latinx — Hispanic heritage and culture is celebrated throughout the year," RaChelle said. "However, as a Latina, it makes me incredibly proud to see our company take not only additional, but intentional action to honor the contributions of Latinx Rackers around the world."

We will continue to celebrate the month with a social hour at our global headquarters, The Castle, sponsored by Viva to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and our LATINA Style recognition. In addition, this event will offer Rackers an opportunity to connect and network with Rackers across the organization who are committed to advancing the conversation around Latinx contributions within Rackspace Technology and beyond.

Rackers will also have the opportunity to meet with various Latinx leaders like Adrianna Bustamante, Vice President of Global Alliances and Partnerships. Bustamante, who was featured in Hispanic Executive earlier this year, is also the executive sponsor of the Professional Organization for Women's Empowerment at Rackspace (POWER) RRG.

"My Latina heritage influences how I think and approach many aspects of my life, enabling me to connect with different cultures and harness a diverse perspective," said Bustamante. "I've been fortunate to be part of an organization that encourages me to be authentically me and recognizes my potential. I am empowered to help our partners and clients succeed. That's a big reason I've built a 16-year career with this company."

She will also host a Racker Chat — a no-agenda conversation with Rackers worldwide — in which she'll recount her career journey through the lens of a Latina leading in technology.

In addition, we're excited to announce that in early October, the company will launch a new Latin America chapter of the POWER RRG.

We're proud of our recognition from LATINA Style magazine, and we're excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. But we're even more proud of how Hispanic and Latinx Rackers around the world deliver Fanatical Experience™ for our customers every single day.

Join a team committed to advancing Latinx employees