Free CloudHealth cost optimization service for AWS customers providing essential services

John Campbell

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At Rackspace, we are talking to a lot of customers from every corner of every industry as they deal with these unprecedented and unpredictable circumstances. We’ve been helping customers address pressing issues around remote working, business continuity, disaster recovery and security. However, the number one concern for our customers in this uncertain environment is their operational costs and protecting their staff.

Some businesses are seeing drastic increases in demand, while others are seeing drastic reductions. Either way, it’s a smart time to ensure your cloud is giving you the performance you need, as cost-efficiently as possible. Rackspace has a combination of deep expertise and strong technology partnerships that enables us to help customers optimize for cost and performance while maintaining business continuity during the transition to home-based work, schooling, shopping and entertainment.

We want to extend our arms to help others that aren’t our customers right now – particularly those businesses providing essential services to help us all get through this period. With all that you are doing for the global community, we want to do our part to help you run your cloud workloads as cost-effectively as possible. We realize that businesses providing essential services during this time are working tirelessly to help citizens around the world adapt to the everchanging conditions, and it can also mean an increase in operational costs that can be hard to govern.

If you’re directly contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts, part of the essential supply chain or any of the other myriad of ways companies and non-profits are helping, we want to help you understand what’s happening to your cloud spend so you can reduce your operational costs.

Free access to CloudHealth by VMware

In partnership with VMware® CloudHealth, we are providing free access to the CloudHealth tool through the end of June, and you’ll have Rackspace on hand to help walk you through the service and provide support. Rackspace will also complete an overview of cost-saving opportunities CloudHealth identifies.

CloudHealth is a leading provider of cost optimization services. CloudHealth gives you the ability to effectively optimize and govern your on-premises and AWS environments to drive confident decision-making. Thousands of customers around the world use CloudHealth to maximize their cloud investment, improve efficiency and mitigate security risks. 

Please take advantage of this free optimization service from CloudHealth and Rackspace to gain visibility into your cloud spend and identify spend control measures to implement and potentially save money by leveraging AWS discounts and uncovering overprovisioned resources.

We’ve seen amazing stories of the world coming together to fight this virus and to try and make things just a bit better. If your company or organization is involved, we want to step in and find ways to help you.

Learn more about this offer, and visit our COVID-19 support resources page for additional resources to help keep your business running through this disruption.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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