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Your business is never too small to be cyberattacked. In fact, two-thirds of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees have been targeted, and 58% have been breached. And of companies hit with a ransomware attack, 73% have paid a ransom.

To help small-to-medium-sized businesses modernize their security operations, Microsoft has designed its Microsoft 365 Business Premium platform to protect against a full range of threats. From phishing attacks and data loss, to lost or stolen devices, you can protect your business with one, comprehensive, integrated solution — with the least effort and cost.

Let’s look deeper into how Microsoft 365 Business Premium can protect your business.


Today’s top security threat: phishing

Remember when it was easy to spot a phishing attack? The bad grammar, the outrageous claims and the promise of quick riches? Those days are gone. Today’s phishing schemes are much more sophisticated, and the malware they carry can easily hide, re-write itself and cover its tracks once it has infected your systems.

Over 90% of phishing attacks start with an email. So Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides several layers of safeguarding, focused specifically on email:


1. Safe Links

One clever phishing attack involves sending an email with a harmless link, which — once it has passed through your filters — changes into something malicious. To combat this tactic, the Safe Links feature double-checks every link when you click on it, to see if you’re about to be sent somewhere dangerous. Safe Links works on links contained within Office documents as well.


2. Safe Attachments

Like Safe Links, the Safe Attachments tool opens every email attachment that your company receives in a virtual environment, then watches to see what happens next. If strange behavior indicates that a cyberweapon is deployed, that file will never reach your inbox. The entire process takes less than a minute and is transparent to the email recipient.


3. Anti-phishing intelligence

This tool learns the way everyone in your organization communicates (and who they communicate with) so that when an unnatural or unusual string of communications begins, the system can accurately gauge whether one of those accounts is being controlled by an attacker.


Protecting business data

From customer data to financial records, every business has data that needs to be kept private. Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers an automated, AI-powered data protection solution that monitors the way data moves inside your organization — to help keep sensitive data from being stolen or accidentally shared. Here are four ways Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps protect your data:


1. Data loss prevention

Automatically detect when an email you’re about to send includes sensitive data like credit card information, social security numbers and or other confidential data types. There are even templates that can conform to geographic or industry-specific regulatory requirements.


2. Encryption of email and documents

If you need to send sensitive data to a partner or customer outside your organization (like an accountant or a hospital), you can encrypt that email with just one click. This ensures that only the intended recipient with the right credentials can open the email — no matter where it goes.


3. Information protection

You can use this function to control who has access to company information — whether it’s in an email or a document — by applying restrictions that prevent people from forwarding, copying or printing.


4. Archiving and e-Discovery

When you need to preserve email and documents for legal reasons, or if you need to access an employee’s email or files after they leave the company, Microsoft 365 Business Premium makes it easy to simply archive it. You can also use in-place legal hold and e-Discovery features in the event you need to retrieve email or documents for legal proceedings.



Easily securing and managing your devices

With so many company devices — from computers to phones and tablets — it’s tough keeping track of them all, let alone making sure they’re being secured.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, device management solution powered by Microsoft Intune. Whether you need to manage company-owned devices, or company information on personal devices, Intune allows you to enforce minimum security requirements for any device connecting to your network. It also allows you to apply security policies and control where data is saved on a device, and you can selectively wipe the corporate data off a device if it’s lost or stolen.

Additionally, you can control which devices reach your Office apps and services data and allow or deny access depending on when the user is logging in, their location while attempting to access it, what applications they are using, and if it is outside of normal working hours. Parameters like these can automatically eliminate many inbound threats.


Accessing expert support

The Microsoft experts at Rackspace Technology are here to help you defend, protect and secure your business with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. We’re with you every step of the way, from advisory services through implementation, to ongoing management and optimization.

  • Access to the experts
    With over 1,500 Microsoft Certified Professionals, we’ll help you configure and manage your solution, so you get the most out of your investment. 
  • A perfect fit
    Our advisors can help you identify the appropriate Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licenses for your business needs. 
  • Premium admin portal
    Simplify administrative tasks using a control panel designed for easy and efficient management.
  • 24x7x365 support
    Day or night, you can get around-the-clock access to award-winning support with unlimited requests and no per-incident charges.


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