Rackspace Technology Works with AWS to Unlock Secure, Responsible AI Solutions Using Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR)

Rackspace Technology Works with AWS to Unlock Secure, Responsible AI Solutions Using Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR)

Rackspace Technology and AWS to invest in an MVP incubator intended to deliver AI solutions to mid-sized and enterprise customers in four weeks

SAN ANTONIO, TX August 1, 2023 - Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT) — a leading end-to-end, multicloud solutions company, today announced a significant expansion of their relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) for AWS is dedicated to accelerating the secure, responsible, and sustainable adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in organizations across industries.

“FAIR for AWS represents a remarkable milestone in Rackspace’s commitment to delivering secure next-generation solutions and driving innovation with generative AI across verticals,” said D K Sinha, President, Public Cloud for Rackspace Technology. “With FAIR, Rackspace, and AWS are poised to help revolutionize industries, redefine problem-solving approaches, and unlock new possibilities for organizations worldwide – while keeping our shared values of sustainability and innovation at the heart of our offerings that are backed by AWS’s enhanced, leading AI capabilities that help organizations innovate faster to reinvent customer experiences and applications.”

AWS and Rackspace Technology have a longstanding relationship and history of solving customers’ most complex and transformative cloud challenges. With more than 2,200+ AWS certifications and 16 AWS Competency designations, Rackspace Technology delivers cutting-edge AWS capabilities to help you achieve operational efficiency, innovation, agility, and cost savings.

“We are at an exciting inflection point in the widespread adoption of machine learning, and we believe most customer experiences and applications will be reinvented with generative AI,” said Rich Gerrafo, Vice President of Americas Sales at AWS. “Rackspace’s launch of FAIR for AWS will further help democratize generative AI making it easy and practical for our customers, regardless of industry, to use generative AI in their businesses securely.”

FAIR operates at start-up speed to serve these customers' rapidly emerging needs. Together with AWS’s deep expertise, FAIR, and AWS will help accelerate innovation for customers, which will be paramount to our mutual success.

“Rackspace’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering state-of-the-art solutions has been instrumental in our journey towards becoming a data-driven organization on AWS,” said Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer at JobTarget. “Rackspace’s best-in-class team helped to design our data infrastructure and trained our team to leverage a modern data architecture.  Leveraging this is how JobTarget has already begun to productize generative AI and LLM in their tools.”

Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR)

FAIR for AWS is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to advancing business transformation, improving customer experience, increasing the quality of service, and accelerating value creation through the secure and responsible use of AI technologies leveraging the power of AWS. FAIR has identified over 500 use cases across multiple industries and is working on several industry-leading implementations for our customers across the globe. FAIR provides three unique services to help lean into the transformative power of generative AI:

FAIR Ideate: An interactive and collaborative ideation workshop that helps organizations uncover actionable use cases for generative AI with defined business impacts. AI readiness diagnostics provide critical considerations for successful AI adoption.

FAIR Incubate: An agile and iterative program that co-creates an enterprise's first generative AI solution. It establishes the technology stack and assesses the viability of AI, ensuring seamless integration into organizational processes.

FAIR Industrialize: A systematic effort to transform the AI solution into a product, implementing governance, defining metrics, and optimizing the AI model and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure for continuous improvement.

FAIR Ideate is currently available in AWS MarketplaceFAIR Incubate and FAIR Industrialize are planned for release in AWS Marketplace later this month.

As part of the FAIR for AWS launch, Rackspace Technology is excited to announce the FAIR Incubate with AWS program. This pioneering program is focused on enabling customers, particularly mid-sized enterprises, to accelerate their digital transformation journey with a secure AI solution. Through this program, Rackspace Technology aims to guide and support customers in taking their innovative ideas from concept to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just four weeks.

FAIR Incubate with AWS will provide customers with accelerators designed to specifically speed the deployment of secure, responsible generative AI solutions on AWS. For example, FAIR will provide pre-configured, secure AWS landing zones to allow customers to harness their data effectively and securely and provides a clear path from concept to production. Furthermore, the program will provide access to AWS funding programs to help organizations jump-start their FAIR AI journey.

Click here to learn more about FAIR for AWS and unlocking limitless creativity with the power of AI.

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