Rackspace Drives Digital Transformation for Delmar International Inc.


SAN ANTONIOJuly 19, 2018 Rackspace today announced a strategic agreement with Delmar International Inc., a global leader in customs brokerage, freight forwarding warehousing, distribution and supply chain management solutions. Rackspace is focused on delivering true transformation as a service across applications, data, security and infrastructure. The company will spearhead Delmar’s digital transformation with an emphasis on improving its organizational workflow, scalability and agility.

With more than 50 years in business, Delmar has evolved into a leading global logistics service provider, offering end-to-end solutions for an impressive portfolio of Fortune 500 customers. Originally founded as a customs broker in Canada, Delmar’s global footprint now includes offices and employees worldwide and data centers in Canada, Asia and Latin America.

As a high-growth, constantly evolving and global company, Delmar turned to Rackspace for support in transforming its organizational workflow by managing business-critical applications and migrating to hybrid cloud-based, scalable infrastructure. “Delmar’s deep history has been that of evolution, bold growth and a commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions for its customers,” said Jeff Cotten, chief customer and revenue officer at Rackspace. “We’re thrilled to partner with Delmar to digitally transform their business and help them deliver on this mission with technological solutions and support to keep them on the cutting edge.”

Rackspace will initially focus on migrating and managing Delmar’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) footprint, supporting workflow and infrastructure, Office 365, and helping develop and support the company’s analytics and enterprise content management strategy. Through this collaboration, Rackspace will also help alleviate Delmar’s internal IT workloads and crisis response so the company can focus its time and resources on driving innovation in development and architecture.

For instance, Delmar will offload some technology management responsibilities to Rackspace to allow its own team of IT professionals to spend more time learning new skills such as agile DevOps, which will help the company build and deliver differentiated value to its customers in the future. “Our company was at an inflection point and we knew that continuing to grow and stay on the cutting edge of our industry meant finding a partner to modernize our IT and guide us through our digital transformation,” said Rob Cutler, CEO of Delmar. “We have found that trusted partner in Rackspace and even in the initial stages of our relationship, our team has been empowered to take a more proactive approach to IT, focusing on the creativity and ingenuity in which we’ve built our brand. We look forward to where the Rackspace partnership will take us next as we continue to strive to deliver the best to our customers.”

Delmar International Inc. was founded in 1965 in Montreal and currently operates subsidiaries in 12 countries with 1,500 employees.

About Delmar International Inc.
Established in 1965 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Delmar International Inc. (www.delmarcargo.com) has evolved into a global player and industry leader, offering customs brokerage, freight forwarding warehousing, distribution, and supply chain management solutions to thousands of clients worldwide. Delmar has strategically positioned facilities at almost every major gateway in North America and its diverse client base features some of the most well-known brands and companies in business today. Diversification of its service offerings and vigorous expansion, including many acquisitions, has led to significant growth for the Delmar Group in recent years. Today, they operate 16 companies globally and employ roughly 1,500 people in 50 cities. Delmar International Inc.'s corporate headquarters are located in Lachine, Quebec, Canada.

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