Customer Stories: SunPower


Our Customer

SunPower is a leading solar technology and energy service provider that produces the most efficient solar cells and panels on the market today.

The Obstacles They Faced

With the current and predicted growth in solar energy consumption, advances in Big Data analytics, and advances in their own smart systems and data-capturing potential, SunPower sees its future in the cloud.

What We Achieved Together

SunPower now has a hosted environment that models their previous architecture but will let them transition to the cloud at a gradual pace that makes sense for their business.

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How We Helped


Managed Hosting, Networking, Virtualization


Dedicated Servers, OpenStack Public Cloud, RackConnect Global, Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware

DevOps is an area where it’s hard to find people that have the skills. So it’s great to partner with Rackspace, who can bring that to the table and allow us to focus on developing our very specific SunPower applications and services. It’s a fantastic offering.

Rich Robinson
VP Business Technology & CIO, SunPower

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