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Engage and empower citizens to take action, playing a bigger role in helping shape decisions that affect us all.


Uptime, availability and performance.


Improved performance and reliability; stronger civic engagement in the U.S.

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OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

Over the past 50 years, civic participation has been on the decline in America, leaving some feeling a sense of powerlessness. Brigade wants to reverse this trend, making participation in American civic and political experiences easy, effective, and enjoyable.  Founded in San Francisco in 2014, Brigade – a series of tools built to re-energize our democracy by getting people to act together – is a standalone social media network and iOS/Android app that allows like-minded users to connect based on political and social issues that they care about.

What I’ve loved about working with Rackspace is how personal it feels. Rackspace really cares about our business, our goals. I’ve loved seeing Rackspace folks in meetings with our team.

Matt Mahan
CEO, Brigade

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