ViVE 2024 Attendees Explored the Leading-Edge of Healthcare Technology in Los Angeles

by PV SubbaRao, VP, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences, Rackspace Technology

Rackspace at ViVE 2024


Health industry executives attended the annual ViVE 2024 Conference to explore the latest digital trends creating new value in the IT ecosystem. But it wasn’t all work and no play. Everyone also had fun — from this year’s live Billy Idol concert to The Glow Up reception, health executives had a chance to learn about leading-edge technology solutions — as well as let their hair down.

The ViVE conference is a premier curated experience for global digital health decision-makers. The 2024 event hosted 300+ speakers and 8,000+ attendees throughout its tradeshow, educational discussions, evening entertainment, networking and reception events.

Rackspace Technology was among the solution providers, speakers and hosts at ViVE in Los Angeles, from February 23 to 25, 2024. Our team hosted attendees at a tradeshow booth, moderated a panel discussion on cloud integrations, and co-hosted The Glow Up social event, along with our partner ELLKAY.


From presenting to hosting at ViVE

During our cloud-data-exchange-focused panel discussion, Orchestrate All Your Integrations, three speakers discussed how to best position organizations to build a successful, patient-centric digital ecosystem that meets tomorrow’s challenges with an agile, innovation-focused digital health strategy.

Panelists for the discussion included:

  • Jason Jones, Global Executive in Residence, Rackspace Technology (moderator)
  • Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Sr. Vice President, Chief Digital Officer & CIO, Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Abhi Gupta, Founder & CEO, Fold Health

During the discussion, Dr. Chaudry said, “In the interoperability space, achieving successful information exchange hinges on a balanced interplay between skilled people, well-defined processes and robust technology.”

Rackspace Technology and ELLKAY co-hosted a fun, invitation-only evening networking reception. The Glow Up event was held at The Novo in Los Angeles and featured vibrant glow sticks to illuminate the night, delectable hors d'oeuvres and desserts, music and the company of brilliant health professionals.

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Leading topics among healthcare professionals

Technology is at the forefront of driving business innovation across industries, including health. The industry needs solutions that meet modern needs because health organizations are facing many challenges — including consolidation, increasing financial pressures, changing consumer demands, talent shortages, intensifying security threats and a complex regulatory landscape. Most health organizations today need to achieve specific goals to stay financially vibrant and focused on delivering the highest-quality care and meeting consumer demands.

Many of the conversations among IT executives at ViVE included:

  • How technology, coupled with people and processes, can help run organizations with an optimized cost structure and a transformational focus and agenda.
  • Doing more with less, which is driving ecosystem players to find alternatives with a focus on cost, efficiency and simplification, where as-a-service experience is critical.
  • New to health discussions is AI. Organizations want to know the best path forward for using AI services, largely driven by advances in chip innovation, machine learning, data science and statistical prediction.

These challenges are among the reasons why hybrid and multicloud are now strategic imperatives and critical for a health organization’s survival. In our hybrid multicloud world, the definition of complexity, velocity and agility have changed. The conversation must now shift from choosing which technologies to use and toward the outcomes we hope to generate with modern technologies.

How we illuminate cloud journeys

Rackspace Technology is a hybrid multicloud and AI solutions provider focused on bringing a wide and deep range of solutions to the business world. We are built on 25 years of experience managing mission-critical applications at scale in regulated and unregulated industries, and addressing a wide range of digital transformation needs.

The delicate balance between businesses’ run and transform priorities is front and center for most of the health CXOs, where reducing the run cost fuels investments for transforming and growing the business. I’m pleased that cloud — private, public, hybrid and multicloud — is playing a pivotal role, amplifying flexibility and ideas for generating new forms of value.

For example, we offer comprehensive coverage for Epic Hosting as a Service and hybrid multicloud deployment options for healthcare providers, with Epic as an EMR platform for providers who are looking to embrace a “do-more-with-less” paradigm shift. With over 75,000 concurrent users under contract across multiple customer deployments, we’re one of the leading third-party Epic hosting service providers.

One of the unique attributes of the solution is that we offer 99.999% (five nines) availability at an affordable price with a world-class private cloud solution that can scale to meet business requirements. Our Epic-certified talent plays an instrumental role in helping ensure seamless migration and ongoing managed services.

Delivering AI via FAIR™

As enterprises grow and become adept at using AI, we see endless possibilities where it can enhance efficiency and spark innovation in the health industry. As with most emerging technologies, use case is critical. What may be a high priority for an academic medical institution may not be as important for a large health system struggling to accelerate cash flow cycles in their revenue cycle management function.

Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) brings expertise, standardized delivery practices, industry partnerships, diverse skill sets and a commitment to accelerating the secure, responsible and sustainable adoption of AI solutions in healthcare. We can help healthcare organizations accelerate AI adoption through our three service offerings: Ideate, Incubate and Industrialize.

Our goal via FAIR is to help you capitalize on the power of AI, quickly and responsibly. The era of AI is here, and FAIR is your partner on this transformative journey.

Yes, we’re in challenging times. But we’re also in a time of immense possibility. We have the opportunity to influence outcomes that deliver a lasting impact. As the person responsible for creating and refining our go-to-market strategy for healthcare, our solutions and services alignment, and driving value creation momentum around the world, I’m excited to be overseeing our future-focused mission.

At Rackspace Technology®, our mission is supported by exceptionally talented Rackers and an ecosystem of partners who make our progressive goals less daunting and very exciting. Together, we’re ideally positioned to deliver cost savings, flexibility, productivity, and improved security posture with hybrid multicloud and AI solutions and services to the health industry.

Next up: Meet us in person at the HIMSS 24 Global Health Conference in Orlando on March 11-15 to gain even more insight into some of today’s hottest topics in healthcare.

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