New Data Report: Discover Untapped Value in Your Data and Revolutionize Your Analytics

by Rackspace Technology Staff



The quantity of data that organizations produce worldwide has been on a steady uphill trajectory since the advent of the digital age. A report by Arcserve stated that by 2025, the total global data storage in the cloud will exceed an astonishing 200 zettabytes.

With so much data flowing into organizations from so many sources, they need to take a step back, reset and find common ground with analytics. And they need to define a data strategy that makes their analytics goals achievable.

Create a strong data and analytics strategy

An effective data strategy needs to cover several key points, including how to:

  • Evaluate the data landscape within the organization’s systems and silos
  • Make data accessible and functional in real-time for customer-focused functions, like sales and marketing
  • Develop and operationalize new datasets and products
  • Create a scalable data infrastructure to manage the entire data analytics ecosystem

Everything starts with the development of a clear data strategy. It needs to lay the groundwork for a wide range of outcomes that can help the organization extract maximum value from its data. For example, the data strategy should help create actionable use cases, support collaboration across stakeholders, or help build the business case for analytics and data platform investments.

Find strategic guidance in our new report

With an understanding of the data strategy challenges that organizations are facing today, Rackspace Technology® commissioned a study on the new data landscape from TDWI Research, a leading data and analytics research firm.

The report, “Six Pillars for Building Business Value in the New Data Landscape” includes a checklist and success factors companies can use to:

  • Build a more effective and robust data strategy
  • Get organized before beginning a new data analytics project
  • Identify their goals and areas of improvement for current projects

Source: The 2020 Data Attack Surface Report 

Exclusive insight in the complementary report.