A Commitment to Sustainability — Recent Accomplishments and Future Goals at Rackspace Technology

by Ben Blanquera, VP, Evangelist and Senior Architect, Rackspace Technology

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Last year was the warmest year in recorded history. Overall, the world is experiencing extreme weather patterns that have never been seen in modern times.

Leaders from around the world converged at Davos Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January 2024. The WEF released The Global Risk Report, identifying the biggest global risks. Two of the risks identified centered around misinformation (primarily driven by the rise of AI) and the extreme changes to our global ecosystem (as a result of global warming driven by greenhouse gases).

At Rackspace Technology we're leaning into these challenges with our focus on Responsible AI from the Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) and sustainability.

Promoting sustainable IT with our clients

Sustainable IT has three pillars:

  • Environment: Make IT green by going digital and optimizing resource use.
  • Economic: Make IT viable by investing in the workforce and minimizing complexity.
  • Equity: Make IT equitable by eliminating bias and expanding accessibility.

To promote greater sustainability, we’re working both internally and with our customers to translate the three tenets into meaningful actions that help everyone expand their culture of sustainability and strengthen their sustainability posture.

Our sustainability recommendations to Rackspace Technology clients include:

  • Make greener architecture and technology choices.
  • Make sustainability a non-functional requirement for all solutions.
  • Actively monitor and optimize resource consumption and utilization.
  • Take the lead in reporting GHG emissions with transparency.

Sustainability in action

Rackspace Technology has made significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint. For example, by transitioning to a new headquarters designed for efficiency and sustainability, the company aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 80%. This move reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and adapting to a changing business landscape.

Community involvement is another key aspect of our sustainability efforts. Rackspace Technology encourages our employees, called Rackers, to volunteer in their communities. Last year, Rackers contributed over 21,000 hours to volunteering, demonstrating our company’s commitment to giving back.

Rackspace Technology's commitment to sustainability has been recognized across the industry with several awards celebrating companies leading the way in sustainability efforts, including:

  • The AWS North America Sustainability Partner of the Year
  • The ESG Business Awards
  • The VMware 2023 Lifecycle Services Award for the Americas region

These accolades underscore our commitment to integrating sustainability across both our operations and our technology solutions.

To document our sustainability program and actions, Rackspace Technology publishes an annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report. Every report shares updates on our sustainable practices, results and future plans. One notable development in 2023 was the promotion of Srini Koushik to President of Technology and Sustainability, emphasizing the company's commitment to supporting and expanding a culture of sustainable IT.

Through our many initiatives, we’re not only demonstrating corporate responsibility but also fostering a sustainable, equitable and innovative future for everyone on our planet.

Read our Environmental, Social and Governance Report,