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Rackspace Technology Staff - Solve

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The Solve team is made up of a curator team, an editorial team and various technology experts as contributors.

The curator team:

  • Eric Miller, CTO, Rackspace Technology
  • Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology
  • Taylor Bird, VP, Technical Strategy, Rackspace Technology

The editorial team: 

  • Aly Hayes, Program Manager
  • Larry Meyer, Creative Management
  • Mike Rastiello, Product Manager 
  • Royce Stewart, Chief Designer 
  • Simon Andolina, Design
  • Tim Mann, Design
  • Debbie Talley, Production Manager 
  • Nell-Marie Colman, Editor 
  • Chris Barlow, Editor 
  • Chris Schwartz, Editor & Producer 
  • Daniel Jamieson, Writer
  • Liz Staplefoote, Writer
  • Brooke Kaczmarek, Social Media Manager