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Ryan Neading, Chief Information Officer

Ryan Neading

Chief Information Officer

Ryan Neading leads the Rackspace Information Technology team as Chief Information Officer, steering the decisions that shape the company’s information technology strategies and policies. But Ryan recognizes his role as much more than that of the traditional CIO of the past.

As an enterprise change agent and business leader, Ryan sees himself and his IT team as key players in the work of business transformation. In today’s competitive business environment, he understands the importance of leveraging his ability to translate productivity insight into business savvy. He collaborates closely with Executive Leadership to break silos and seamlessly integrate technology, people, and process to successful business value and outcomes.

In 2016, Ryan was recognized as the San Antonio CIO of the Year by the North San Antonio Chamber. In 2017, he was named as one of the Texas Diversity Council’s Top 50 Chief Information Officers. In addition to his leadership role as Rackspace CIO, Ryan recently took on the role as Site Leader for the Rackspace Austin office. As site leader he advocates for Rackers, supports our unique culture, continues to build strong community connections, and represents Austin internally and around the world.

Passionate about technology, Ryan joined Rackspace after more than a decade in various leadership roles at eBay Inc., including co-leading the eBay Inc. development site in Austin. At Rackspace, Ryan champions work-life balance, diversity, employee development, and technical excellence through his involvement with employee resource groups for parents and women, Emerging Leaders and Advanced Leadership Programs, and the Technical Career Track Program.

Ryan is an adventure junkie, a tireless cross fitter, a backpacker and an inventor (he has three patents). His greatest adventure is his family – a wife, Amy and three kids, Jacob, Luke and Adam.

He earned a degree in Organizational Communication from Pepperdine University.

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