Troy Partain

Troy Partain

Sales Engineering Leader


Troy Partain, Sales Engineering Leader, joined AppDynamics Corporation in April 2017. While leading sales engineering across the Americas Troy is responsible for enabling, engaging and building observability practices across Cisco’s partner ecosystem. Troy, and his team of pre-sales engineers, focus on all aspects of observability, while serving as technical experts across the Americas. 

Across two decades, and three continents, Troy has spent his career focused on the health and performance ofc complex IT systems. Troy has touched all the apps we’re familiar with today from 3 tier on-premesis solutions through bleeding edge serverless, or Kubernetes deployed cloud native services. In doing so, he has seen the shift from old-school monitoring where we just asked questions such as “Is the server up, is it available” to a mindset of observability where we are asking questions of our data that we didn’t even know we would need to ask when we started collecting the datasets. This is a shift from monitoring known things to being able to observe, or ask questions on elements of a system that you didn’t even know you needed to know.

Mr. Partain holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management, an MBA, a Masters of Informatics and a myriad of certifications from Microsoft, Amazon and others.