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Top-Down Strategy is Dead – Long Live the Team of Teams!

To be responsive, does strategy need to be formulated and executed by chartered teams of teams?


Curator's Note:

As I read this article, its very clear that the Simon Wardley model on Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners that I discussed in my previous commentary was considered here. I also advocate for keeping small cross-functional teams alive and well in the thoughts of leaders across industries. While I am obviously very excited by recommendations such as having a North Star and a mission, what's not addressed clearly here is an approach to addressing the reality that communication can be a key challenge to any "team of teams". In an age of constant connectivity, short attention spans and the ability to connect across multiple platforms, I feel strongly that a successful team needs to designate a clear owner of communication. This owner will know how to distribute messages that communicate the intent of the mission as well as progress reports and summaries of the expected outcomes — and benefits — of the initiatives that are underway.

I always make sure that any team I form or am part of has a clear owner for communication who leverages all of the standard platforms and also brings to life what change means for stakeholders and the organization.

Long live the team of teams that embraces communication.

- Lee

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