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Azure Express Solutions

Most people think about the cloud as a place for running websites like the Olympics or your bank’s web site. Did you know that even the smallest applications can be run in the cloud, often much cheaper than running them on your own servers or in your own datacenter? Doing this not only simplifies your world by consolidating all of your computing needs in a single technology but also allows you the opportunity to modernize the way you deliver your web sites and web delivered applications. Rackspace has made the process of moving to the cloud even easier with simple, pre-configured templates for quickly deploying multi-tiered web sites on either Microsoft Azure Infrastructure or Platform as a Service (IaaS or PaaS). We have also enabled these configurations to be built on either Windows or Open Source technology and operating systems all wrapped in Rackspace’s unmatched support.

Rackspace has crafted a simple three-level offer based on Microsoft Azure, making it easy for customers to choose the solution that best fits specific website and web application requirements. These configurations are ideal for applications written for technologies like .NET and LAMP and for applications like WordPress, Sitecore, and custom .NET applications.

Each of our pre-configured offerings was designed leveraging decades of experience supporting thousands of websites and web applications of varying sizes and requirement around the globe. Each solution delivered with award winning support tailored to help your move to the cloud to be successful.

Local Sites

Small WEB sites requiring the scalability of the cloud, that do not need to be highly resilient

Regional Sites

Regional/National WEB Sites which require redundancy to ensure they are available but do not process high numbers of transactions

National Sites

National/ Sites which may require global scale and redundancy to ensure they are available, as well as a transactional application tier to support high volumes of website transactions

The best part of all of these offerings is they are all build based on our decades of experience in enabling companies to take their business digital. These solutions also include Rackspace’s 24x7x365 expert support designed to help you successfully move to the cloud.

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