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800+ AWS Certifications to Manage Your Cloud

You Manage Your Business. We Migrate and Manage Amazon Web Services.

AWS is powerful. To get the most value out of it, you need to understand each step involved in using it:

  • Architecture
  • Migration
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Optimization

If your valuable resources are focused on AWS, chances are they aren’t focused on higher-value activities that drive business growth — and are essential to your success.

Why not leverage our expertise to manage AWS for you? We help business of all sizes manage their AWS cloud. Because they know offloading cloud management to the experts is a smart business decision.

And they can rest easier knowing that their cloud operations are backed by certified AWS engineers and architects — 24x7x365. Doesn’t that sound smart to you? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Top Challenges Identified by RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report


Finding and retaining in-house AWS expertise is a challenge. We have 800+ AWS technical certifications and our solution architects will design AWS based on your business needs.


Moving to AWS can be intimidating and overwhelming for those without experience. We can use our proven methods to help reduce interruption and risk as you take this critical first step into the cloud.

Cost Savings & Optimization

The need to reduce costs is likely influencing your move to the cloud. We can analyze your AWS configuration regularly, looking for ways to save you money and improve performance as your needs change.

Security, Governance & Compliance

Security, governance and compliance are top concerns. We deliver a powerful combination of certified experts and management tools to help secure your environment and data for compliance.

We have regular contact with the AWS experts at Rackspace, who proactively keep us up to date on all the major products and services from the provider. Not only do the Rackspace team keep us informed on all things AWS, but it’s a two-way conversation about our road map to ensure that we choose the right tools and services for each project.

Jonathan Russell

Chief Technology Officer

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