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The Rackspace Are you ready to cloud?! Assessment

Winning the cloud game takes a boxer’s mentality. To become a champion you need a foolproof strategy, perfect execution and some well-timed punches. So are you ready to rumble? Assess your cloud status and find out if you’re a light, middle or heavyweight:

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Is the organization Aligned on the cloud strategy?

Yes, business and IT are aligned in the business plan

Those involved are endorsing the plans

The CIO is looking for more support

No, not everyone knows the game plan

I don’t know what you mean

Have you looked for ways to IMPROVE EFFICIENCY IN AREAS OF IT?

Yes, we’re evaluating our apps, systems and workflows

We’ve located some gaps, but don’t know how to approach them

We don’t really know what to look for

No, we haven’t done anything (yet)

I’m not sure what you mean

Are you building a resilient SECURE & SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE?

Yes, our new solution is cost-effective and future-proof

We’re bringing in a team to dot the i’s

We still got some obstacles to tackle

No, we wouldn’t know where to start

You lost me at ‘resilient’

Do you have a plan to actually MIGRATE YOUR DATA & APPS

Yes, we’re ready to rumble!

We’re pressure testing to guarantee security

We’re currently setting up a runbook

No. What are the risks of just going for it?

I don’t know. I think we need some help


Yes, we thoroughly review our techniques

We’re mostly interested in our successes

Not really – if it works, it works

No, we’re still recovering from the migration

Performance of what?

How are you keeping up with UPDATES AND DEVELOPMENTS?

We have dedicated teams to keep us agile and flexible

We have regular brainstorm or scrum sessions

We’ll see what we need when we need it

We’re not. Never change a winning team

I think it’s none of the above

You’re a cloud lightweight!

Find out how you can get the cloud game started

When it comes to cloud readiness, it seems like you’re keeping your guard. It’s good to take some time to find the best strategy, but at one point you’re going to have to go for it. Don’t know where to start? We’re happy to be in your corner!

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