Extending Fanatical Support to Our Local Communities

We're Good Corporate Citizens and Neighbors

Rackspace is known for the Fanatical Support® we give to our customers. And when it comes to giving back, we're just as Fanatical about service to communities in which we live, work, and play.

We Give Our Time and Talent

Rackers love to get their hands dirty. Whether it’s digging in the dirt for a neighboring school’s landscaping project, handing out boxes of food during the holidays, or helping kids understand technology through games, Rackers don’t hesitate to don their yellow Rack Gives Back shirts and jump in.

Check out our 2016 end of year report.

We Give Our Treasure

Rack Gives Back supports the community with grants for arts and culture, especially as they relate to establishing a creative class of citizens; education, especially as it relates to STEM; and technology. We heavily focus our giving in San Antonio, Texas.

To learn about grant eligibility, giving guidelines and the grant application process, click here.

Rackspace Giving Guidelines

To be eligible for contributions, organizations must:

  • Qualify for non-profit status under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Benefit the local communities served by Rackspace Hosting
  • Demonstrate sound and responsible financial policies and management
  • Be aligned with Rackspace's philanthropic focus (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)

As a rule, we do not make contributions to:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that practice discrimination by race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, religion or national origin
  • Projects of a political nature
  • Religious organizations
  • Disease-specific groups or health/medical-based causes, except under special circumstances
  • Organization-based walks, runs, tournaments, skeet shoots, etc.
  • Hospital or city projects, except under special circumstances
  • Banquets, parties, galas or community festivals, except under special circumstances
  • Special-occasion or goodwill advertising
  • Loans or investments
  • Merchandise or advertising promotions

Why Do We Focus On These Areas?

  • Arts & Culture: We ask Rackers to think creatively every day. We challenge them to innovate, to be resourceful, and to create an experience like none other for our customers. Creativity is a talent that must be cultivated. Building a culture of creativity takes explicit focus. This is important to San Antonio, and it’s important to Rackspace.
  • Education: A great education can elevate an entire community. We believe in the transformative value of education — and we walk the walk.
  • Technology: As an IT company, we encourage the organizations we work with to focus on their core business, not wrestle with outdated systems. We are the service leader in the cloud, and we believe non-profits deserve to have nimble, efficient IT solutions that help them do great work in our community.

The Rackspace Foundation

One of the unique stories about our company is the Rackspace Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity that focuses on creating a learning community where education is valued, families and educators are engaged, and students strive to reach their fullest potential. Our vision is to elevate our entire community by directing our focus on our surrounding neighborhood, which we call the Castle Community (named after the abandoned-mall-turned-Rackspace-headquarters building, “The Castle.”)

The Rackspace Foundation funds non-profits that work in and with the neighborhood schools (we call them the Magnificent Seven) to provide enriching, meaningful experiences to the youth in our community. The Rackspace Foundation is funded by payroll contributions, and every dollar raised goes right back into our neighborhood.

To learn more about the Rackspace Foundation and the Magnificent Seven schools, click here.

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