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SumAll is a free analytics tool that lets people discern insights regarding sales, visitor behavior, followers and more, from platforms such as eBay, Facebook, Google+ and PayPal.


Serving more than 200,000 current users without delays, and maintaining a cutting-edge, reliable platform that supports the firm’s rapidly expanding customer base.


Rackspace has helped SumAll provide a consistently high-performing customer experience which has reduced onboarding from hours to a few minutes, powering site performance and eliminating delays based on past, sub-optimal cloud processes.

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About the Customer

Manhattan-based SumAll is a free analytics tool that lets people link Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Google and many other services for a comprehensive overview of their digital presence. Founded in 2011, the company provides data analytics for customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprise-level players. With around 200,000 users today, the company counts Starbucks, Sony, HBO, Pandora, and Harvard among its customers. SumAll not only lets users connect all their data, it can even help a user determine the most opportune times to send out posts to various platforms.

Once you get your business to any kind of scale, you need a partner that helps you manage your bigger growth, and has specialization that’s not just commodity. With Rackspace, not only will you get the same performance multiplying, but you’ll get advice and counseling and a whole portion of your business just taken care of.

Dane Atkinson
CEO, SumAll

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