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Geoswift, a payment technology company, specializes in providing cost-efficient, time-effective and easy-to-use cross-border payment solutions in and out of China


With the rising demand for efficient and secure cross-border payments in and out of China, Geoswift needed an IT partner with a multi-layered approach to securing cloud services and infrastructure that meet the strictest industry standards.


Rackspace provides comprehensive managed services for Geoswift and its customers, allowing the company to enhance and focus on its core business.

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How We Helped Geoswift


Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure, Managed Hosting, Performance, Privacy and Data Protection, Scalability, Security, Uptime, Virtualization


Dedicated Servers, VMware

About the Customer

As the financial payments ecosystem rapidly changes, payment technology company Geoswift chose Rackspace to implement vital security solutions.

“We value Rackspace for several reasons, but purely looking at the bottom line, Rackspace saves us money and allows us to concentrate on our key operations."

Raymond Qu
CEO and Founder

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