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DigitalFilm Tree


DigitalFilm Tree is a full-service post-production facility for television and film, bringing cloud-based workflows to the entertainment industry.


DigitalFilm Tree needed scalable cloud solutions to manage data storage and keep bandwidth costs under control.


DigitalFilm Tree can stream more video to more users in less time than was possible with previous generation Cloud Servers, providing them a sustainable and profitable business model based on dynamic scaling, enabling them to abandon the frantic search for cheaper bandwidth and focus on core business.

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Microsoft Office 365, OpenStack Private Cloud, OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

DigitalFilm Tree is a full-service post-production facility that does finishing and editorial work for television and film. A major player in the entertainment industry, their roster of clients includes virtually all major television networks and Hollywood film studios. The company provides what they describe as an end-to-end service: they are involved from the production phase when the material is shot, through the creative editorial process, and into the finishing process where the content is prepared for theatrical and broadcast delivery.

We realized OpenStack was a way to build a standard in the industry, where we could all run our own services and have our applications, but using a unified platform. OpenStack was definitely the answer we had been looking for.

Guillame Aubuchon
CTO, DigitalFilm Tree

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