Successful Migration Leads to Ongoing Google Cloud Platform Innovation


Successful Migration Leads to Ongoing Google Cloud Platform Innovation

Traffic for wellness ecommerce company Spiraledge regularly spikes during summer and the holidays, peak buying seasons for its yoga and swimming-related brands. With its legacy backend systems, the company was forced to plan out server allocations and other issues weeks in advance, making it difficult to quickly or effectively respond to fluctuating traffic conditions. To remain competitive, company leaders knew they needed the performance and agility to manage seasonal buying spikes and reduce the risk that unpredictable traffic would lead to outages and poor customer experiences.

Choosing the right public cloud

After careful deliberation, Spiraledge chose Google Cloud Platform. With real-time scalability and organization-wide analytics, GCP allowed Spiraledge to take complete control over its infrastructure and tailor it to maximize customer satisfaction. Spiraledge then chose Google Cloud Premier Partner Rackspace for migration guidance. That experience went so well that Rackspace stayed on as a strategic partner. Today, our experts help Spiraledge optimize GCP, building new architecture around its retail and customer needs. "As a leading managed services provider, Rackspace has been an important partner for us to lean on when solving technical problems," said Spiraledge Chief Information Officer John Anthony. "Whether it's managing tooling or optimizing instances, Rackspace helps us fully utilize the breadth of Google Cloud Platform. I don't think we could have moved to Google without collaborating with Rackspace."

Migration expertise from a trusted partner

For the migration, Rackspace helped Spiraledge design its architecture, then worked actively alongside company staff on deployment day. Together, they moved 13 terrabytes of data with less than four hours of downtime, on time and with no deployment issues. That success led Spiraledge to continue working with Rackspace on its Customer Reliability Engineering workshops, which helped educate the company on ways to optimize GCP and build its postmigration architecture Ongoing support from Rackspace has streamlined environment management enough that Spiraledge staff has been able to increase the number of research projects that drive future engineering and platform innovations.

Maximizing innovation

For its enterprise resource planning applications, Spiraledge currently spins up thousands of temporary instances per month and uses them alongside GCP’s Cloud Dataflow to run forecasts on its sales velocity, pricing and inventory needs. Post-migration, the company has seen a 70 percent improvement in its ability to forecast customer demand. “There is so much potential with Google Cloud Platform,” said Margaret Mitchell, a Rackspace senior strategic account development manager who worked with Spiraledge from the start of its journey. “Helping position customers like Spiraledge for additional growth by implementing GCP best practices, then adding Rackspace services that complement and enhance the platform, is incredibly satisfying.”

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