Orchestrate your cloud transformation with the unified support of Rackspace Modern Operations

by Mike Lindbert, Senior Director of Product Management - Cloud Platform and Applications Services, Rackspace Technology

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The cloud opens the door to scale and innovation at pace. Another reason companies migrate to the cloud is so that they can leave behind resource or expertise constraints and free their teams to innovate. However, cloud transformation often comes with complexity that can be difficult to manage. We frequently run across organizations that are experimenting with technologies like containers and database platforms, and are struggling to get the most out of them.

Sound familiar?

Talent gaps, legacy processes, and lack of cohesive support can all stand in the way of success. If you have experienced these roadblocks and want to break through, Rackspace Modern Operations can help.

As you modernize, perhaps you aren’t able to invest in public cloud infrastructure, or you may not have the expertise to manage an in-house team now. Engaging with a managed service provider helps you gain access to expertise and frees internal resources to focus on your core product.

Customer “modes”

Often, customers we work with are eager to move the needle on their technology initiatives, yet aren’t quite ready for what that commitment means in terms of staffing. When beginning their cloud transformation journey, these companies often face additional barriers, including restrictions imposed by legacy processes and the lack of a cohesive support model.

Typically, we see our customers in — or in-between — one of two operational modes:

“Mode 1” operations: Think of this mode as more reactive and transactional. Companies in this earlier stage will tend to emphasize infrastructure and operational processes with a waterfall, methodical approach. Operations lean toward the on-premises “data center in the cloud” model, and have clear handoffs between build and operate.

“Mode 2” operations: Built for the cloud, this ops phase blurs the line between application and infrastructure, while focusing on DevOps, Agile, and an outcome-driven approach. Applications drive infrastructure decisions in Mode 2, which has no boundaries between build and operate.

As I mentioned earlier, many organizations fall somewhere in between these two modes. The good news is that businesses like yours can evolve to a modern cloud native operating model at their own pace. And Rackspace Technology® can help you bridge this gap.

Solve bottlenecks with Rackspace Modern Operations

Let Rackspace Modern Operations help you optimize the ever-increasing complexity of cloud environments, while giving you the freedom to innovate and transform to achieve your core business goals.

Regardless of your cloud maturity, Rackspace Modern Operations provides a unified support model for a broad range of services, including 24x7x365 operational and system administration support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure® and Google Cloud.

Rackspace Modern Operations offers a broad range of cloud management services:

  • Always-on managed support: Accelerate your cloud journey while focusing internal resources on core business activities with the peace of mind that your environment is fully managed.
  • End-to-end management: Gain the benefits of public cloud without the expense and challenges of hiring a team to manage it.
  • Access to expertise: Get immediate access to technical expertise and capacity to manage cloud infrastructure, tools and applications.
  • Cloud resiliency: Leverage cloud native and Rackspace Technology proprietary tooling to remove manual intervention and increase resiliency.
  • The ability to innovate in the cloud: Take advantage of the latest cloud features and capabilities to solve challenging business problems.

Get more out of the cloud, sooner

Start getting more out of the cloud right now, so you can get back to your core priorities. Start leveraging cloud native tools and capabilities and take advantage of advanced technologies and a large-scale set of expertise without the restrictive management.

What are your business drivers? Where do you want to take your business? We can help you leverage cloud technology to answer.

Let us guide you through that next step and get the most value out of the technologies you're already using. Take the first step towards cloud modernization today by contacting Rackspace Modern Operations to learn more about our cloud environment support services.

Get the expertise and support you need modernize operations.