How to Modernize Your ERP for a Multi-Cloud World

Michelle Ramirez

How to Modernize Your ERP for a Multi-Cloud World

In recent years, a growing number of organizations have adopted a multi-cloud strategy due to ongoing demands for cost savings and increased efficiency.

In fact, according to IDC this year, more than 85 percent of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures. The model of using multi-cloud services to satisfy business requirements comes with an impressive list of advantages; however, organizations continue to struggle with this daunting task of managing the distribution of assets, software and applications.

Considering that your ERP system is your organization’s most critical solution, you must embark on the journey of modernizing your ERP for a multi-cloud world.

Before you dive in consider the following obstacles you need to overcome:

  • Identify your team: Do you have the right team in place that can foster this type of success? Have you considered outsourcing options if barriers to entry become overwhelming?
  • Structure the right data warehousing: Business Intelligence solutions are only successful when the underlying data is properly structured, making data warehousing critical to your success. Have you aligned with business leaders and identified the full spectrum of data elements and subsequent systems?
  • Harness business intelligence and analytics: Analytics provide critical insights for your company. Have you considered freeing your important and skilled resources from operational tasks to focus on strategic work?
  • Navigate through ERP security: Threats to your organization’s environments seemingly get more serious by the day. Have you worked with your team to ensure ERP security is a top priority to so that your organization is protected against large breaches and attacks?

While there are many questions that need to be addressed and barriers that must be overcome, check out the below infographic so you have the information to become an ERP master in a multi-cloud world.