Modernize Your Security Strategy with a Zero Trust Model

Keep your systems, data and users secure anywhere, on any device, using Zero Trust.

The shift to modern architectures and remote workforces, coupled with IoT and evolving ​cybersecurity threats, has dramatically increased the threat profile of organizations. To combat this, many businesses are adopting a Zero Trust approach to security.

What is Zero Trust?

The guiding principle behind Zero Trust is “Never trust, always verify.” Effectively, in a Zero Trust security scenario, your systems wouldn’t trust a request for access to a resource just because that request is coming from within your environment. Access control is critical for Zero Trust security, which is why every request requires verification.

Zero Trust security is a strategy, a mindset and an incremental journey for IT security. A comprehensive Zero Trust security model provides end-to-end protection across all of your IT components, regardless of where a service is located — multicloud or on-premises.

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Use Cases

Making a shift in your security strategy can be challenging. At Rackspace Technology™, we work as an extension of your security staff to help guide you through the solutions that align to your security models and support your Zero Trust journey.

Zero Trust is a framework that is constantly evolving to protect your organization’s sensitive data, and our experts are here to help you continually optimize your framework to protect against new vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

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To address gaps in remote worker strategy, Rackspace offers Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Network Access which includes Secure Access, Browser Isolation, and Internet Gateway into a single Zero Trust platform. Let Rackspace experts help your business reach your cloud-centric goals faster, support remote workers, and provide a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for your cloud applications, data, users, and devices.

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As remote access needs grow, organizations are increasingly shifting away from traditional VPN implementations and toward more secure and performant remote access solutions. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) creates secure boundaries around specific applications, private IPs and hostnames, replacing default-allow VPN connections with default-deny policies that grant access based on identity and context. Let Rackspace help modernize your remote network access by replacing your legacy VPN with ZTNA.

Protect and improve the performance of your web and mobile apps, and secure cloud-native apps without slowing down development. In addition to protection, these solutions also bolster application performance to help build better experiences for your end-users, and they’re backed by 24x7x365 support from our certified security experts.

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We provide you with next-generation firewall and DNS solutions designed to protect your multicloud environments and inspect incoming traffic along with around-the-clock support from certified security experts.

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We apply access policies and encryption tools to protect your sensitive data, automated key management and clearly defined security processes to help ensure you have the highest levels of data protection to secure your data at rest, in transit and across your multicloud environments.

Managed data protection is key if you are concerned about ransomware or if you need to address PCI compliance requirements.

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Defend your business against advanced cyber threats with 24x7x365 proactive support from the Rackspace Security Operations Center.

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Implementing a new security strategy or solution can add stress to an already overloaded team, which is why Rackspace Technology provides on-boarding assistance, configuration, policy setup, tuning and 24x7x365 expert security support. Our team of more than 400 network and security experts has earned 500+ industry certifications and includes CCNAs and GIACs in Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, and Penetration Testing.

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Find your cybersecurity risk score

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

By answering these simple questions about your cybersecurity technology, processes and people, you’ll receive a cybersecurity risk score against our benchmark that can help identify common security gaps in your environment that you may not be aware of.

"Resilience has always been essential to our solution. We have relied enormously on the support of and collaboration with Rackspace Technology — we never viewed it as an outsourced vendor relationship — we are all working together."
Idan Mashaal, Director of Cybersecurity, Plus500 See the case study

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