Analyzing the Economic Benefit of Rackspace Data Freedom

The importance of data neutrality in your cloud journey

As many business are finding out, moving large data sets around between different cloud services can be prohibitively expensive as well as risky from a privacy perspective. That’s why cloud neutrality for data storage is becoming so much more attractive to businesses today.

Rackspace Data Freedom offers a neutral location to store your data as well as a private on-ramp to the major hyperscalers, which not only dramatically reduces the cost of transferring your data between cloud services but also enhances the privacy in doing so.

An ESG Economic Validation Report confirmed the benefits organizations can expect by using Rackspace Data Freedom to economically leverage cloud tools and services while maintaining sovereignty over their data. Download the report to find out more.

Find out more about the economics of Rackspace Data Freedom by downloading this free report.

Download ESG's Economic Validation of Rackspace Data Freedom


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