WideTech optimizes fleet monitoring and management with integrated, always-on solutions

This provider of comprehensive monitoring services needed private cloud infrastructure upgrades to support real-time tracking built on GPS, GPRS and satellite technologies.

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WideTech sought a comprehensive geolocation platform that would give customers consistent optimization, high availability and the latest information and insights to help them navigate a constantly shifting environment.

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Our customer

WideTech is a Colombian company with presence in more than 18 countries that specializes in geolocation solutions, satellite tracking, telemetry for vehicles, motorcycles, field personnel and mobile assets.

WideTech, founded in 2007,  is on a mission to develop the best software for managing vehicle fleets, fixed assets and workers in the field. It offers one of the most comprehensive monitoring platforms featuring geolocation technologies based on GPS, GPRS and satellite technologies.

WideTech is also tasked with digitally transforming its customers’ operations through monitoring, satellite tracking and process optimization. WideTech’s success lies in its customer-centric approach to service and its ability to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the transport and logistics industry by first understanding customer workflows and then optimizing operational processes to achieve time savings and better resource use.

“The relationship and growth we have had with Rackspace Technology have been fundamental. They’re a premier partner that offers us high levels of availability and support the moment the business requires it.”
Jaime Arbeláez, Chief Executive Officer, WideTech

The obstacles they faced

In a highly competitive sector like logistics and transportation, companies are constantly challenged to optimize their processes and improve the experience. WideTech needed to offer continuous optimization and provide a versatile geolocation platform that would enable its customers to deliver products on time, optimize delivery routes and provide security in their supply chains.

To better serve its customers, WideTech wanted the ability to collect real-time data while maintaining a secure IT environment to offer its customers technology and timely information for decision making and generate predictive analytics to help its customers save resources, money and time. To achieve this, it counted on Rackspace Technology® as a permanent partner. Now, WideTech enables its customers to take proactive, preventative steps in addition to corrective action in its pursuit of optimized delivery solutions.

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The solution we provide to our customers is based on geolocation and automation technology. Day by day, we have been advancing to offer more services, but this would not be possible if we did not have the services and availability provided by Rackspace Technology that allow us to manage our platforms efficiently.

Mario Orozco, Technology Director, WideTech
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How we helped

Rackspace Technology has been WideTech's trusted partner since its founding, providing vital support to address technology challenges. Leveraging our dedicated servers as their platform, WideTech has experienced accelerated growth, as it has left infrastructure management in our hands, allowing them to focus on innovation and optimization of the core business. The high availability and timely support of the Rackspace platform allows WideTech to deliver the reliability, speed and actionable insights that their customers demand.

Both companies share a deep commitment to customer service, and as a result, WideTech has adopted the Rackspace philosophy of "Fanatical Experience®" to improve its own business processes and shorten resolution times.

Today, Rackspace Technology maintains continuous alignment with WideTech's business objectives, understanding where they want to go and what they want to achieve in the future. This exceptional level of collaboration helps to ensure that when WideTech is ready to grow and expand, Rackspace will be fully equipped to support them in surmounting their technological obstacles.

What we achieved together

WideTech’s focus on innovation has placed it at the forefront of geolocation technology and services. The invaluable information generated by its platforms and delivered to its customers wouldn’t be achievable without the robust infrastructure services provided by Rackspace. WideTech relies on the unparalleled infrastructure support from Rackspace to help ensure seamless operations and the timely delivery of critical data to their customers. WideTech’s innovation and development processes are always active, and it has found Rackspace Technology to be a strategic ally to whom it can turn for help.

Collaborating with Rackspace Technology gives WideTech technological knowledge in cybersecurity, automation and new IT architectures. Through constant communication, WideTech has focused on what matters, highlighting and improving the value its platform generates and boosting its business.

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