Suyash Bhogawar

Suyash Bhogawar

AI Solution Architect

Rackspace Technology

Meet Suyash Bhogawar, a seasoned data science solutions architect with a strong focus on data engineering, MLOps and now Gen AI. With a wealth of experience in designing, developing, and deploying scalable data pipelines and cloud platform capabilities, Suyash is a valuable asset at Rackspace Technology. His expertise spans various domains, including healthcare, R&D, and life sciences.

Proficient in Python, R, IaaC, and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, Suyash excels in delivering cutting-edge solutions to complex data challenges. He has demonstrated a passion for open-source initiatives and actively contributes to the development of standards in healthcare informatics, notably BIDS and other FAIR Data organizations.

Suyash's unique blend of technical prowess and domain knowledge makes him an indispensable resource in driving innovation and transformation in the data science landscape.