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Optimize your applications environment by migrating to a cloud-first model to help you boost your efficiency, agility and scalability.

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Modernize and optimize your applications

Many organizations want to implement a comprehensive digital transformation, but hesitate due to the complexity of the process. To be successful, a digital transformation plan must include a process-led strategy for cloud application modernization and optimization that examines your current IT environment, aligns with your processes and intended outcomes, and identifies any skills or technology gaps.

Rackspace Technology® has the strategy, planning, and execution expertise you need, for both custom and packaged applications, across all cloud adoption and migration scenarios — so you can modernize quickly and efficiently while maintaining uptime. Our approach to application modernization starts with understanding your goals and delivering continuous application modernization services using leading technologies. Rackspace Technology application modernization solutions help you:

Accelerate innovation: Create future stability for your products and decrease time to market by moving toward a cloud native way of working.  

Reduce time to value: Close the value gap between legacy systems and modern cloud application environments, cut through technical debt and reduce time to value of your investments.

Improve customer experience: Modernize your outdated applications to deliver exceptional customer experiences.  

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Use Cases

Rehost your applications to private or public clouds.

Move your applications’ underlying resources from your on-premises data center to the cloud as-is.

  • We’ll determine which applications should be rehosted, and our specialist migration team will determine the appropriate migration strategy for each application.
  • We then create a customized migration plan to move you quickly and smoothly to your target environment.
  • Our experts migrate your applications to the cloud platform that optimizes performance with little risk or impact to your operations — allowing you to quickly realize reduced costs in the application modernization process, increase security and improve reliability.
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Eliminate pricey Windows licenses by leveraging containers and serverless technologies in your legacy applications.

Increase the elasticity and responsiveness of large, traditionally monolithic, workloads. As a part of our application modernization process, after performing a thorough audit of your codebase and application architecture, we’ll recommend and execute on a strategy to refactor your .NET applications.

  • NET Refactor: Refactor legacy .NET applications to the latest version of .NET Core/5 to enable opportunities to run your code in Linux environments, containers and even serverless without requiring your teams to learn completely new languages and runtimes.
  • Container adoption: Break-up monoliths into microservices and leverage cloud native container services to provide a consistent environment from development through to production.
  • Serverless deployments: Build self-healing, auto-scaling applications, unchained from the limitation of servers. Serverless architectures offer the highest efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud while pushing nearly all infrastructure and software management to the platform.
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Modernize your applications with a modular microservices architecture.

  • A key tenet of a modern application environment is organizing it into logical services that can be developed, scaled and deployed independently while giving service teams the freedom to choose the appropriate technologies for their needs.
  • Our team of experts can accelerate your effort to break up monoliths by applying proven techniques. We incrementally refactor your application without requiring years of investment or stopping the development of new features.
  • Microservices are organized around business and technological capabilities and allow you to create teams centered on specific services. This approach helps you to rapidly adjust to fluctuating business demands, without interrupting core activities.
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Refactor legacy desktop, on-premises and single tenant applications for cloud-based delivery.

Users demand a continuously updated application experience available anytime, anywhere — without the need to manage and run software. By modernizing your applications for delivery through a web and mobile SaaS model, you can reach these users while improving your product and reducing your operating costs. We can guide and accelerate your SaaS journey with our unique experience in building and refactoring SaaS applications in the cloud.

  • Enhance user experience with modern application interfaces for web and mobile applications, accessible from anywhere.
  • Remain competitive with a scalable, modular architecture that allows you to update and add features quickly without impacting the entire application.
  • Transition to recurring revenue models by enabling subscription billing based on your customers’ usage, including time-based billing and tiered billing based on resource consumption or product feature set.
  • Reduce operational complexity and cost with shared resources through secure multitenant platforms that eliminate the need of managing tenant specific deployments.
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Realize the benefits of always up-to-date software.

Sometimes it makes more sense to replace your legacy application with a SaaS solution, especially if the SaaS solution fully meets your needs.

  • Save costs by modernizing your legacy applications with SaaS, eliminating the upfront purchase and installation fees, and ongoing costs for maintenance and upgrades. Pay as you go, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Increase scalability and accessibility with the ability to change your usage plan easily and without advanced notice.
  • Grant subscribers access via internet.
  • Realize benefits faster by giving end users quick access to the modernized application and better ease of use, which can also increase adoption rates.
  • Let our expert team handle implementation and deliver ongoing application optimization services for some of the leading SaaS solutions, including Oracle®, Microsoft® 365 and Dynamics 365.
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Modernize technology, operations and development workflows for your entire application portfolio.

Gain the full benefits of agility and cost efficiency of the cloud by modernizing software architecture, delivery and infrastructure operations of your entire application portfolio with multiple application modernization business cases. Our architects will assess your applications and infrastructure in the context of your business goals and your team’s strengths to determine which combination of cloud native technologies and architectural patterns from serverless refactoring, container adoption and cloud native re-platforming.

  • Pilot project: Following the adage of “think big, start small,” we’ll start the application modernization process with a pilot project that focuses on defining repeatable patterns, rapid delivery and demonstrating business value. Through hands-on engagement, our teams will continue to refine the architecture and processes that enable large-scale modernization of your portfolio.
  • Large-scale modernization: Building on the momentum from the pilot project, our team will consolidate best practices into a foundational platform that enables building, deploying and operating modern applications at scale. Our delivery process prioritizes agility and transparency, enabling your teams through our “do-with” development approach.
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Complimentary Application Modernization Strategy Session

Leverage a team of experts to modernize your existing applications portfolio and unlock the power of cloud native

There is no universal pathway to application modernization. Our application solution architects will conduct a two-hour strategy session with your key business stakeholders to understand your business objectives and the application challenges within your portfolio, then provide a recommendation on which modernization approach is best for your business.

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