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Up Next in the Solve Strategy Series: The New Cybersecurity Landscape

Take a virtual seat at our upcoming event to learn more about emerging security issues and how to build a safer future.

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This year has changed the way many of us work and live. And cyber criminals have not only adapted — they’re thriving in this new environment. The sudden rush to the cloud and work-from-home has provided these bad actors with an unprecedented attack surface to exploit.

But your business doesn’t need to be the next victim. Take a virtual seat at our upcoming roundtable event to learn more about emerging security issues and practical ideas for building a safer future.

Our expert panel includes special guest Keren Elazari, a security analyst and friendly hacker whose cybersecurity TED talk has been viewed millions of times. Keren will bring the hacker’s point of view to discussions, including:

They will also discuss how to secure modern multicloud architectures, cloud-based apps and remote workforces, and how to extend critical safeguards into the home.

Guest Speaker:
Keren Elazari – Security Analyst, Friendly Hacker, Author, Speaker

Michael Schofield – Vice President of Network & Cyber Security Operations, Rackspace Technology

Idan Mashaal – Director of Cyber Security, Plus500™
Chris Stouff – Chief Security Officer, Armor Cloud Security
Karen O'Reilly-Smith – Chief Security Officer, Rackspace Technology

Register here for this virtual event.

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