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Robots Are Not the Job Killers We All Feared

While digital workers are being dispatched to take on rote tasks that humans do manually, they are not eliminating jobs.

Fast Company

Editor's Note:

This article stuck out to me because I completely agree with Alastair's observations and predictions. We have all seen the SciFi movies and are very familiar with the same old story they are trying to illustrate; a world where most jobs are taken over by robots or AI and humans are forced out of employment and end up turning to crime. This is a short sighted, and paranoid way to look at the adoption of AI and robotics. The author makes excellent points that are often dismissed when he mentions that the tedious work is removed, allowing employees to do more meaningful and rewarding work.

While automation is going to remove repetitive and mundane tasks and allow human workers to do more rewarding work, it does require that the human worker wants to change. Disruption is already here, companies need to have a plan for “retooling” their human workforce. Another point that he didn't mention that I think is worth noting is that employee churn rate would likely go down as people wouldn't be forced to leave a job to find one that they enjoy more.

- Brad Tarno

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