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Do you really need Kubernetes?

The short answer is: Yes.


Kubernetes is the big trendy thing in IT right now. As someone who has been directly involved with multiple Kubernetes installations, I often ask myself if installing Kubernetes is worth the effort involved.

The short answer is: Yes.

Large companies with great system administrators and a superb DevOps will find Kubernetes an extremely needed boost to their environment. Kubernetes will help reduce the cost of deployment and allow for extremely fast spin-up of workloads, plus you have the added benefit of less overhead, meaning your hardware can do more work for your money. Smaller organizations who do not currently have specialists around Kubernetes and want to start getting into it can find a strategic partner to lead them in the right direction. Kubernetes has already found its place in the fabric of most large estates and has become a part of everyday life, showing that it isn’t just a trendy buzzword, but is instead the next wave of computing.

Richard Harris

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