Customer Stories: Worldwide Information Network

Worldwide Information Network

Our Customer

WIN provides an online platform for independent freight forwarders to connect with logistics service providers for secure, digital, shipment-level collaboration in the cloud.

The Obstacles They Faced

A more flexible Cloud hosting platform and service model required as the company expanded.

What We Achieved Together

Seamless migration to the AWS Cloud, aided by Rackspace’s Aviator Support. Rackspace helped refine and perfect WIN’s architecture, direction and design, lock-in what was implemented; and updated the AWS architecture to the latest best practices.

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How We Helped


Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It was really a no-brainer to go with Rackspace as we wanted a company with the expertise and experience to help us take advantage of the AWS platform. 

John DeBenedette
Managing Director, Worldwide Information Network
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