Customer Stories: Mundo Joven

Mundo Joven

Our Customer

Through a multi channel approach, Mundo Joven has made it easy for customers to purchase travel packages from any of their existing point-of-sale locations, over the phone through their call center or online from their website.

The Obstacles They Faced

Part of Mundo Joven's growth strategy looked to establish a stronger online presence, leveraging the AWS cloud to build their ecommerce platform. They had no prior experience working with the AWS cloud and faced a steep learning curve while trying to design, implement, troubleshoot and migrate their environment in-house. Mundo Joven increasingly looked for a partner that could help them meet PCI compliance requirements and the growing needs of their ecommerce platform to withstand the spikes in traffic experienced during various annual sales and promotions. 

What We Achieved Together

Mundo Joven now attributes 26 percent of total sales from their ecommerce platform and has the infrastructure capabilities to withstand an increase of 12x in site traffic during sales and promotions. 

How We Helped


Compliance, Ecommerce Hosting, Infrastructure, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Migration, Scalability


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We have doubled our sales annually as a result of our solution with Rackspace, from 0 to 26 percent in less than 4 years.

Oriol Cortés
Director of Marketing and E-commerce
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