Customer Stories: Firefly Marketing

Firefly Marketing

Our Customer

Firefly Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency and the developer of SmartChoice, a school application processing tool that supports millions of students around the world.

The Obstacles They Faced

Dedicated servers were unable to provide the scalability and flexibility needed to support seasonal spikes and drive innovation for the Smart Choice app.

What We Achieved Together

AWS-based containers give them more control over resource allocation and automated plans enable fixes and upgrades to deploy in minutes.

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How We Helped


IT Transformation, Migration, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps, Professional Services - Cloud Services, Scalability, Security, Uptime


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco

"If you’re a regular company out there whose budgets are strapped, you’re handling the day-to-day, and you need to bring in a provider that can plan and execute it right, Rackspace is the best."

Bill Dalton
Founding Partner & Vice President
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