Customer Stories: El Colombiano

El Colombiano

Our Customer

El Colombiano is one of the most important media and entertainment companies in Medellín, Colombia. They own 15 different publications in different platforms: digital, print, digital applications and magazines. Their main publication is the newspaper "El Colombiano", which reaches an audience of more than one million people every week.

The Obstacles They Faced

The main challenge was the digital transformation, the availability and security of the main website: They can’t have minutes or seconds of unavailability. The average visitors on a normal day are between 5,000 or 7,000, they can reach up to 18,000 visitors at a specific time, so they need to be ready.

What We Achieved Together

El colombiano trusts Rackspace to host his website in a secure and scalable manner.  Rackspace generated a lot of value, for example in terms of security: Rackspace manages and monitors its infrastructure providing stability to its platform.  In terms of availability, they have achieved 100% availability, a challenging number for any IT department.

Having Rackspace on their side allows them be agile by making any changes easily and without impact to the business.

How We Helped


IT Transformation, Managed Hosting, Security


Dedicated Servers

Fanatical experience its very important to me, when it comes to hiring a service: servers are servers and they can be found anywhere, but good support is very complex to find.

Oscar Acosta
Head of Infrastructure
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