Customer Stories: Ecrebo


Our Customer

Delivering personalized engagement to in-store customers, delivering personalized digital receipts post-visit and providing retailers with deep customer insights by leveraging in-store data.

The Obstacles They Faced

Over 80% of retail spend happens in-store, but retailers have no way of understanding and engaging in-store customers. Ecrebo leverages transaction data in real time, and means retailers can deliver personalized messages at the checkout.

What We Achieved Together

Help retailers engage in-store customers, driving both in-store and online sales, effectively bridging the two worlds and creating a single view of the multichannel customer.

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How We Helped


Data Services, Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Private Cloud


OpenStack Private Cloud

Rackspace has helped us on numerous occasions, our offering is reliable and always up and ready.

Dave Sherratt
Vice President of Engineering, Ecrebo
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