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Specialists in anti-fraud solutions, fraud prevention and developing highly qualified statistical models, based on statistical analysis, technology and people.


A powerful hosting platform with high technical standards to cater to the demands of over 80 million transactions per year for more than 2,000 clients.


175 thousand dollars saved every year, with high availability, high technical operating standards and state-of-the-art software free from bureaucratic formalities and the problems of a slow service.

How We Helped ClearSale


Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Managed Multi-Cloud


Dedicated Servers, OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

The history of ClearSale began 14 years ago in Brazil when its founders created a comprehensive and innovative solution for fraud prevention. Since then, they have developed a structure based on statistical intelligence, technology and people which all together enables them to deliver the best market indicators. As specialists in fraud prevention, they have developed rated statistical models, which means they boast great precision in every segment of ecommerce.

Working with Rackspace is like adding an extention to [our] team. They're the right and left hand of our IT department. Rackspace is part of our team.

Vinícius Corrêa, IT expert, ClearSale

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