The Future of Multicloud: What’s Driving Innovation Among Global IT Leaders

by Rackspace Technology Staff

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It’s been a wild ride in IT and cloud over the last couple of years. So how can you ensure that your company stays on top of the latest trends and insights?

To better understand multicloud and its importance for IT and business collaboration, Rackspace Technology conducted a global survey of 1,420 IT and business decision makers worldwide for our Multicloud Annual Research Report 2022.

The survey, conducted in April, includes responses from more than 400 CIOs and CTOs. In it, we found that talent, security and migrating to the cloud are among today’s top concerns:

  • While security remains a priority, the corporate data center is not long for this world, and the shortage of IT professionals remains a significant challenge.
  • 56% of respondents can’t imagine owning a data center in five years, proving that the cloud is here to stay — and growing.
  • More than half (53%) of all respondents identified skills shortages as a significant business challenge — well ahead of concerns related to inflation (48%), product shortages (36%) and wage growth (25%).
  • A staggering 77% of IT decision makers said that a scarcity of talent impedes the adoption of new cloud development methods.
  • Security remains the number one IT challenge for businesses — ahead of costs at 21% and IT talent at 20%. In addition, security remains the most cited barrier to cloud optimization.

Our survey also shows that companies are more eager than last year to take on new risks. And as more and more envision a world without data centers, many companies are poised to embrace containers and edge for future computing.

Read our white paper that summarizes the research to learn more about the key issues and essential aspects of multicloud, and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Download the “Multicloud Annual Research Report 2022” now.

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