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Today’s leading companies are combining big data analytics, mobile, the Internet of Things and augmented intelligence to deliver unique services to their customers. But keeping up with rapid technology change, while maintaining existing mission-critical applications, can strain even the best IT departments.

Get the expertise and resources you need to simplify, navigate, operate and optimize your applications to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Building upon 20 years of cloud expertise, our experts help transform business processes, rationalize, develop, implement and integrate applications and provide migration services across any deployment type — so you can make the most of today’s digital technologies.

Get the Expertise and Resources Your Applications Require

Delivering Immediate Value with Unbiased Expertise

We simplify and guide your modernization journey, focusing on capabilities that deliver immediate value.

Defining and Executing Your Modernization Journey

We combine a process first, technology second approach, with dedicated technical support to provide comprehensive solutions.

Delivering Leading-Edge Technologies with an Unrivaled Portfolio

We apply extensive cloud experience to help you choose and deploy the right technology on the right cloud.

Custom-Fit Solutions with Agile Delivery

We meet you where you are on your cloud journey and align our success with yours.

Our ability to be able to leverage that partnership [with Rackspace], and have them react quickly to support our business, in a short period of time, speaks volumes.

Michelle Pacynski

VP, Guest Facing Systems

Guidance for Your Application Modernization Journey

Business Process Transformation

While many organizations spend an enormous amount of money on the technology aspects of their application modernization, few take the time to look at the processes that drive the technology.

With our Business Process Transformation service, our functional experts can help you refine and develop processes aligned to your business goals — reducing time, increasing your capabilities and maximizing your application effectiveness.

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Application Portfolio Rationalization

The organic growth of IT environments can create a tangled web of old and new applications that often cannot handle the latest technologies. Our Application Portfolio Rationalization service can help you make sense of your application landscape and set the roadmap for what needs to be replaced, retired, modernized or consolidated — so you can increase interoperability, extend application lifecycles, gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Custom Application Development

Many of your most critical applications were likely developed in-house years ago to satisfy a specific business requirement. And while the requirement remains, the people who built and understand the application have since moved on, leaving your current workforce with the difficult task of modernizing the application. Our developers can update, customize, migrate and integrate your custom applications, extending their lifespan and reducing the maintenance burden.

Expertise for Your Clouds

System Implementation and Integration

When you invest in a new application technology, a large portion of the cost is wrapped up in integrating the technology into your existing environment. Our system implementation and integration experts can help you quickly connect new modules and capabilities to the rest of your existing infrastructure, on any platform — so you can get a faster return on your new investment.

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Migration Services

While the cloud offers many advantages for hosting your applications, moving from on-premises or even between different clouds can be challenging. Our Migration Services team can migrate your applications to a platform that optimizes performance — across on-premises, private and public cloud platforms. We’ll be with you every step of the way, addressing issues like privacy, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, business continuity and security.

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