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The Cloud environment has changed and has evolved to provide a greater choice offering flexibility with scalability to meet business needs. The Rackspace Hybrid Cloud, powered by OpenStack® combines public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated bare metal computing to work as one to help:

  • Fit your application, instead of forcing your application to fit the cloud
  • Boost performance, security, and reliability while reducing costs as you use the right tool for the right job
  • Deliver an OpenStack™ based platform for the flexibility your business demands
  • Allow you to start small and expand over time

Adopting, deploying and managing a Cloud strategy centres around making your business faster, not in terms of speed and performance, but in terms of agility. Agile businesses will be more cost efficient, quicker to market and more innovative with new technologies.

Can Cloud Deliver Cost Savings Alongside Business Agility?

Today’s customers are highly demanding. Empowered with multiple means of digitally engaging with their entire ecosystems, they expect to find information and purchase products at any time and from any location. But there is a problem. To be cost-effective and responsive to customer needs requires business agility. Find out how IT needs are changing to enable business agility in the age of the consumer.

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Customer story: Learning from Lowell

We built financial services company, Lowell, a scalable data center infrastructure that services both the current demand and future growth of the business.

Through Fanatical Support, our specialist teams developed a deep understanding of Lowell’s  needs before relocating and transforming their IT infrastructure into a consistent, scalable and resilient hosted solution. As a result, Lowells have freed up operational focus and can think more strategically about future business.

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Optimise Your Move to the Cloud: 5 steps for business transformation

Do you want your business to achieve to its full potential? In this concise, explanatory eBook from Rackspace and EMC, you’ll learn how to transform your business in five steps – Strategy, Discovery, Design, Transition and Transformation. It all starts with planning - we’ll show you how clear strategic goals are vital in ensuring seamless cloud migration and deployment, and a successful business model to boot.
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