Modernize Your Approach to Compliance and Security

Webinar: The New Cybersecurity Landscape

Join our virtual roundtable of experts as they discuss threat vectors multipling and hackers getting smarter, and how businesses need a solid security strategy — one that ensures protection without hindering innovation.

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Expert Guidance for Securing Everything and Maintaining Compliance

IT security and compliance are non-negotiable aspects for protecting agile business practices. A single security breach can cost you more than revenue, potentially bringing business to a stand-still, risking your compliance standing and damaging to your reputation. You need to demonstrate compliance in order to retain your customers' trust and address regulatory requirements.

But finding in-house cybersecurity expertise can be tough, especially when there’s a global shortage of security professionals. According to the 2018 Cybersecurity Workforce study, over 60% of respondents report a shortage of dedicated security staff, and the same number believe their organization is at extreme or moderate risk due to the cybersecurity staff shortage.

Protect your IT and your business. Let our team of cybersecurity professionals work with you to address security and compliance in parallel — so you can focus on delivering true value for your business, faster.

Our Approach to Modernizing Compliance and Security and What it Means to You

Unbiased Risk Assessment
Our experts will assess your infrastructure, application, data and security posture to create a comprehensive risk analysis profile.
Compliance Report
We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your IT footprint to identify gaps that could prevent you from achieving compliance.
Planning Roadmap
We’ll create a remediation and security planning roadmap — a prioritized, structured and proactive plan for resolving risk and security vulnerabilities.
Proactive Testing
With our manual and tool-based penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, we can proactively identify web and network vulnerabilities before hackers find them.
Expert Remediation
Our experts will work side-by-side with your team to execute remediation efforts, sharing the responsibility for their successful delivery.

Build Your Transformation on a Secure Foundation

Security and Compliance

Compliance doesn’t necessarily equate to security. And security alone doesn’t always make you compliant. Let our experts help you check all the boxes.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

When it comes to security breaches, it’s not a matter of if, but when you'll experience one. Our team of security experts will evaluate your environment’s health by attempting to gain unauthorized access to your network, web applications and operating systems. You will receive a detailed vulnerability report and our expert remediation recommendations.

Security and Risk Assessment

Get a comprehensive application and data security assessment of your IT portfolio to determine where you stand against specific compliance standards. We will identify gaps and recommend steps you can take to reach compliance. Supported frameworks include: NIST800-171 (DRARS), NIST 800-53 (FISMA), FedRAMP, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO 27001/27002, PCI and SOC2.

Recognized as a Leader in Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide

We’re a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Service Providers, Worldwide 2020

As a Leader in Professional and Managed Services for public cloud infrastructure, here at Rackspace Technology we deliver unbiased guidance on best-fit managed cloud solutions to organizations around the globe. We go beyond simple migration assistance and cloud infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, professional services and managed application services to enable true digital transformation.

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