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Microsoft Azure: Challenges, Solutions and the Benefits of Support from Experts

Microsoft® Azure is a powerful cloud platform that can deliver efficiency and agility for your business, but it can be incredibly complex and time-consuming to adopt without specialized cloud talent and knowledge.

Like many organizations, you may have hit some roadblocks as you’ve researched and weighed your cloud options. Below are some common challenges businesses face with Microsoft Azure, and the Rackspace solution for each.

Hybrid Cloud Environments

Customer Problem: We are a Microsoft shop and plan on leveraging Microsoft Azure to lower cost while getting out of the infrastructure management business. However, some of our workloads are not suitable for a public cloud environment.

Rackspace Solution: Companies looking to manage the complexity of hybrid cloud environments, seeking Azure hybrid cloud expertise while lowering their IT costs are leveraging Fanatical support for Microsoft Azure to improve their flexibility and control while lowering their overall IT costs.

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Systems Administration & Management

Customer Problem: We are testing Microsoft Azure for several workloads and finding that it’s not as easy as we thought. We need an Azure specialist who can manage system operations, but I don’t want to hire sys admins that are not core to my business.

Rackspace Solution: With 70+ services and resources available in Azure today, and more being added daily, organizations are struggling to keep up with the ever expanding Azure eco-system and are looking for Azure expertise 24X7X365 to manage their OS and infrastructure so they can get back to what they do best – Innovate!

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Azure Active Directory® Identity & Access Management

Customer Problem: We are a Microsoft shop and we want to start using Office 365™ in combination with Microsoft Azure. We need to use the same username and password we currently have. How do we get started?

Rackspace Solution: Ensuring your identities are "cloud-ready" and future proof in the ever expanding interconnected and SaaS-centric world is a major problem for IT departments. Organizations are looking to Rackspace expertise to govern user’s access for employees, partners and customers across multi-cloud environments and ensure their identities are "cloud ready".

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