Expert Guidance for Your MySQL Databases

MySQL Server Support at Rackspace

Rackspace's MySQL expertise is unrivaled. MySQL recognized the fact by naming us their first Certified Hosting Partner. Our customers prove it every day by entrusting us with more than 18,000 LAMP configurations.

Day-to-day, they rely on our knowledge, experience, resources and support for optimizing the performance of their databases. Rest easy knowing your entire hosting environment—your hardware, network, OS and databases are monitored and supported by the leader in hosting.

For our customers desiring more specific performance advice and MySQL optimization services Rackspace can also provide you with an experienced team for your more advanced MySQL projects.

MySQL support for Rackspace customers includes:

  • Installation
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Basic Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Optional Database Backup Agent
  • Expert Advice and Consultation

The following are available on a time and materials basis for advanced MySQL projects:

  • Configuration of MySQL replication or advanced installation options
  • MySQL Server performance analysis and optimization
  • Initial overall environment assessment (complete database server analysis, including MySQL and operating system)
  • MySQL Server performance and resource utilization
  • Analysis of slow queries
  • Query optimization and proper indexing

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