Maximize the value of AWS to your Business

The development of your business application on AWS should never stop because of the hundreds of new features and innovations AWS releases each year, as well as your users’ evolving needs. Choosing to optimize in house means you would need to locate, hire and retain experts who can improve your architecture and ensure your cost for AWS is most valuable.

Fanatical Support for AWS ensures you are receiving maximum value from your AWS environments. We evaluate cost optimization and integrations of new AWS features on a regular basis. Our automated tools evaluate your AWS environments and provide recommendations.

We will ensure your architecture will continuously evolve to match the innovations of AWS and the needs of your users.

Here's How We Do It

Your TAM will provide monthly reviews that analyze the performance of your AWS environments and recommend updates. We will review the use of reserved instances, root causes of alerts, and investigate performance improvements coupled with reporting data from AWS Trusted Advisor and Rackspace Compass.

Your monthly review will be based on:

  • Support Tickets
  • Monitoring Alerts
  • Upcoming Maintenance Events
  • SLA Measurement
  • Potential Cost-Optimization
  • Rackspace / AWS Best-Practice Recommendations
  • Recent Environment Changes
  • Upcoming Customer Events
  • AWS Announcements

Here's what you get

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