AWS Architecture Designed correct from the start

Building architectures according to your application requirements is not a one-time activity. It’s a continuous process as your user needs evolve. And as AWS evolves their platform, you want to take advantage of new features. Choosing to take on the architecture design work within your company means you need to locate, hire and retain certified experts, which is costly and time consuming.

Fanatical Support for AWS will design and build an AWS architecture specific to your application needs. We have broad expertise in infrastructure, allowing us to architect for any application on AWS and offer a staged approach for when your requirements evolve. Going beyond the initial architect design, our certified experts will provide recommendations to improve your architecture on a regular basis.

Your needs are continually evolving. Fanatical Support for AWS can make sure your architecture is always able to meet your needs.

Here’s How We Do It

Our team of certified AWS experts will review your application infrastructure and gather your specific requirements.
We will build your architecture based on detailed diagrams, cost models and best-practice AWS CloudFormation templates created according to your needs.
Ongoing, we will update your architecture based on changes to your requirements and new AWS innovations.

What You’ll Experience

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